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Close to its customers

Our goal of having our own manufacturing plant in the United States, resulted in Eurostampa acquiring in 2007 the Pepper Printing Company of Cincinnati (Ohio). Pepper Printing, a manufacturer of labels for the spirits industry, had its name changed to Eurostampa North America. In 2011, a new, modern and functional production plant was inaugurated and equipped with highly competitive machines to print high-quality labels.

Since then, Eurostampa North America has been growing very rapidly, now producing 2 billion labels per year including P.S.L. and wet glue labels, enabling Eurostampa to consolidate and greatly increase its presence within the U.S. market. Gianmario Cillario, in 2019, has alternated his brother Gian Franco in the role of CEO of Eurostampa North America ensuring continuity of the business family, nowadays fundamental and distinctive compared to competitors.