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October 1st 2019 


We are very proud to announce that our Envelope project won the prestigious Prix Formes de Luxe during the Monaco Luxe Pack. More than just labels, Envelope develops cultural themes, involves students from both sides of the ocean, brings together all the latest technologies providing a new and deeper meaning to packaging. 

April 25th 2017


Eurostampa is pleased to announce the opening of its first headquarters in Latin American: Eurostampa Mexico Labels.
Eurostampa’s leaders are travelling from Italy and the United States to host their local customers and government authorities for a ceremony to mark the occasion. The opening of Eurostampa Mexico Labels is part of the long-term vision for Eurostampa. Since 2007 with their first expansion in North America, the company has recognized the importance of being near its customers. “Taking the time to mark this event provides an opportunity for Eurostampa to extend a hand of friendship to its strategic partners that have contributed to the establishment of business operations in Mexico.” says Gian Franco Cillario, CEO of Eurostampa North America. “We want to thank our customers for helping our company grow because their success is fundamental to our success.”
The ceremony will feature speeches from Eurostampa's leadership and local dignitaries followed by a traditional Italian aperitif and lunch. Eurostampa Mexico Labels officially opens on April 25th and will begin full production later this year.



Eurostampa will participate at Pack & Spirit 2017, the luxury packaging exhibition that will take place in the “Cité des Sacres”, Reims, the main economic platform for the Champagne-Ardenne region, famous for its world-renowned wine and champagne industry. At the Reims Exhibition Centre, clients and international suppliers of luxury packaging for wine and spirits will meet during the two-day event, on the 29th and the 30th of March 2017.
Pack & Spirit is the perfect venue for Eurostampa to showcase its latest products and innovative solutions in the field of premium packaging and to demonstrate the attention to quality and customer service that has always been its trademark.
The event is the ideal occasion to introduce Eurostampa’s Innovation LABels, the new innovation center able to support the customer in the creation and development of new labels, both in terms of a redesign of an existing label and of the creation of a new design.
Therefore, we’ll be pleased to have you at our stand (D12). The Eurostampa Team looks forward to meeting you during these exciting days and to learn about your packaging needs. For further information regarding our attendance or to schedule a meeting, please contact us.



In the precious setting of Montecarlo, Eurostampa attended at “Luxe Pack 2016” (21st/23rd of September) hosting for three days, on its stand in the Atrium hall, numerous customers and interested people looking for new developments and innovations in the field of premium packaging.

This year its stand was enriched with an original design that has highlighted the two main events that characterized the company in the 2016:

1. The 50th anniversary of activity, with a wall dedicated to a collection of historical labels taken from our new digital library, made available to customers. It is a useful tool for the identification of the best solutions starting from an analysis of the brand labels printed in the past by the company.

2. The Innovation LABels, the new innovation center able to support the customer in the creation and development process of the labels. The guests have come into contact with the experience of the virtual supermarket and the print shop where mock‐up are created.

Prix Formes de Luxe 2016

To crown an intense and special year for Eurostampa, during Luxe Pack arrived the important recognition Prix Formes de Luxe 2016 in the "Innovation Decor" category.

Thanks to the partnership with the group Martell Mumm Perrier‐Jouet, Eurostampa has been able to develop and produce the label of the new Cuvée Blanc de blancs, RSRV: four letters that hold together the whole history, modernity and exceptional know‐how of the Maison Mumm.

The choice of a 100% natural uncoated paper gives an effect that enhances a sophisticated sensory impact. At the same time the presence of an embossing and two hot foils give a visual result of proven elegance.

The award received fits into the range of prestigious awards already received by Eurostampa in the last decade.




The year 2016 represents a milestone for Eurostampa since we will celebrate our fiftieth anniversary of entrepreneurial activity lived with passion and dedication, in the world of label printing.

The secret of our success has been the ability to keep pace and never ceasing to evolve. Currently, the Group boasts some five locations worldwide, over 800 employees, and has a relentless desire for further global expansion in the future.

Our Research and Development into new printing technologies, our continuous innovation plus our attention to our products and customer service have always been Eurostampa’s strengths; one example is the new Innovation Center - Innovation LABels. This is completely dedicated to the development of new ideas and solutions for our customers, ranging from a re-style through to the complete development of a new design. Customers can have virtual views which includes having their labels projected onto a 150° screen. This system has the purpose of allowing a virtual comparison, on the shelf of a supermarket, of the customer’s products with their competitors. In addition, the Center is provided with a dedicated laboratory which is able to develop mock-ups; all useful tools to customers to reduce the time of approval of the packaging and the related costs.




Eurostampa is pleased to announce the 100% acquisition of Poly-Imprim effective April 29th, 2015.
Poly-Imprim is based in Touverac (near Cognac), France. They specialize in high-quality labels for wine & spirits products, with a focus on Cognac and Champagne labels, achieving an annual turnover of approximately € 4m.
This acquisition gives Eurostampa the opportunity to further develop its market share in France, thanks to a plant focused on high quality labels production on PSL (Pressure Sensitive Labels). Eurostampa confirms that all Poly-Imprim employees will carry on working and operate in their current facility and there improvement projects are already scheduled on this production site.
Eurostampa management along with Mr Didier Delmas and Jocelyne Delmas who kindly accepted to continue their collaboration with us, are ready to face the new challenge, applying the Eurostampa model to the newly acquired company. His purpose is to offer to French customers the maximum professionalism, competence in the field, reliability and courtesy.




During Friday, the 26th of September, the closing ceremony of the project "Dono e Controdono" was held. The project began in the second half of 2013 and has seen Eurostampa interact with the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Italian winery Brandini. The doctrines resulted in a workshop on food advertising and design. It has made possible the creation of a 7.000 euros scholarship! At the handover ceremony Luciano and Giuseppe Cillario (Eurostampa) were present along with the Rector of the University Pier Carlo Grimaldi, Piero and Serena Bagnasco (Brandini) who gave a short speech.

Watch the video of the ceremony!




Eurostampa will take part, for the second year in a row, at LuxePack Monaco fair, the premier show for creative packaging that will be held in Monaco Montecarlo from the 27th to 29th of October 2014. We’ll be pleased to have you at our booth (Atrium Hall, booth AB7) in order to experience our labels and innovative solutions. All Eurostampa Team looks forward to meeting you for these exciting days. For further information regarding our attendance or to schedule a meeting, please contact us at





Eurostampa North America keeps maintaining its growth trend and it will take part in the “Fast 55” award as a finalist, organized by the Cincinnati Business Courier. This award includes the top 55 companies that have been able to register consistent revenue growth over a three year period in Ohio.

Such brilliant results, obtained by Eurostampa North America, have also made possible the creation of new jobs giving the company the opportunity to become prouder and more confident for the future.





A 2014 of continuous global investments for Eurostampa

Cutting-edge technologies further broaden the potential of PSL printing and flexibility, for the entire Eurostampa Group.

In detail, the HQ of Bene Vagienna has already installed in January a new 8 colors OMET XFlex X6 430, able to apply on-line hot and cold foil, in addition to embossing and die cutting, always guaranteeing the automatic registration control.

In Eurostampa North America, a new Nilpeter MO4 will ensure unparalleled flexibility, with the possibility to print offset, flexo and screen printing labels, applying hot foil and flat embossing, thanks to a dedicated flat module for a high prestige result.

The manufacturing plant in Eurostampa UK - Gilmour & Dean has just bought a brand new Gallus RCS 430, capable of printing high volumes of high quality labels in offset, flexo and screen printing, using on line hot or cold foil, embossing and die cutting on a wider PSL width compared to the one currently used within the Eurostampa’s scottish plant.





Eurostampa is honored to help a talented young student graduate from the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo in Piedmont, Northern Italy, by taking part in the “Cant’é j’Euv” scholarship program. According to an ancient popular tradition from the Langhe area, young peasants went from one sleepy farmstead to another by the light of the first moon of Lent, regaling with their voices in a gift of song that heralded the arrival of spring. In return for their singing, they were rewarded with wine and eggs, “Canté j’Euv”, a tradition synonymous with the exchange of gifts and whose echoes are still felt throughout the Langhe. Inscribed within the symbolic framework of “Canté j’Euv”, comes this extraordinary series of wines (Dolcetto and Barolo). Result of the renowned producer from La Morra, Azienda Agricola Brandini, the bottles are enhanced with labels bearing the phases of the moon which were designed thanks to a graphic project by students at the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo and were printed by Industria Grafica Eurostampa in Bene Vagienna.





Industria Grafica Eurostampa is pleased to invite you for the next Luxe Pack, 23-24-25 of October 2013. During "the leading show for creative packaging" we will display our added value labels, including innovative and tailor made solutions!

Save the dates and our booth!

Ravel Hall n°RB4

All Eurostampa Team looks forward to meeting you for these exciting days.

For further information regarding our attendance or to schedule a meeting with our sales team, please contact: Mr. Simone Crivelli Marketing Manager





The relationship among food, art and philosophy will be taken in consideration for the first time during an international conference that will compare cooks, philosophers, semioticians, students, artists, researchers and enthusiasts, in a trans-disciplinary perspective. Industria Grafica Eurostampa, more and more sensible and focus on the relationship between art linked to the label’s world and finished product, will be Official Supporter of the conference, to be held at the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo on the 4th and the 5th of April 2013. For further information about the full program, please visit the link





After a break of a year, on Friday November 9th the awards ceremony La Vedovella 2012 – the Italian Oscar in the printing, paper and converting industry – was celebrated in the picturesque setting of the "Sala Collina" of Sole24Ore, in Milan.

Industria Grafica Eurostampa was awarded the prestigious "Best label printer", delivered by Flavio Aragozzini, sales director of event sponsor UPM, and it was accepted by Gianmario Cillario, Managing Director of Eurostampa.

Additionally, La Vedovella 2012 "Entrepreneur of the Year" award was given to Lidia Cattaneo from Eurolabel by Marco Gaviglio, business manager of Luxoro, another sponsor of the event. Other awards were in the following categories: "Industry design of the Year", "Best paper industry", "Best converter (flexible packaging)", "Best ennobling and specialty media", "Best web to print", "Best green printer", and "Best cross-media."

The first edition of La Vedovella took place in Milan in 1987; the thirteen following editions were organized by its founders and sponsored by the Lastra company – which had wanted to link its name to this award. In 2004, the management of La Vedovella transitioned to Macchingraf, and there were seven successful following editions, until the most recent one in 2010.

Then, the outbreak of the economic crisis unfortunately heavily struck even the graphic design industry.

At this point, it was time for another change for La Vedovella Awards. This change came thanks to the efforts and the support of two major companies in the world of printing communications and digital: the 4IT Group – publisher of DDm and DDm Europe, also organizer of events such as Inprinting, Digital Printing- and Zeta’s – publisher, among others, of the magazines Printing Office and Print Buyer.

Among the news of this year’s prize is the popular online voting through the website,, that was able to collect in the past months the nominations (later on evaluated by the jury). This effort was aimed at making La Vedovella Award more and more the ideal Prize for the entire supply chain of the printing industry.

The increased number of awards was another goal of the “new” La Vedovella Award (which follows the example of the prizes launched by other European countries); this step is to confirm the ability of La Vedovella Award to represent the supply chain of the printing industry. From printing to converting companies, from paper industry to label converters to web-to-print and to cross-media solutions, which are the most advanced technologies.

Watch the video below!





Eurostampa North America in collaboration with CTI, the specialized inks company, has made a lasting impression on the high-quality liqueur from Tuaca. The bottle’s lion, a classic brand image for Tuaca, was redesigned as a thermochromic feature for the label on the limited-edition bottle.

The ‘Perfect Chill’ bottle has met with exciting consumer response since introduction in 2011, and has been showcased on Tuaca’s “Drinks & Ink 2012: A Celebration of Tattoo and Cocktail Artistry” tours with world-famous tattoo artist Corey Miller. He created the custom design that adorns the Perfect Chill bottle, which was printed by Eurostampa North America in Cincinnati. The unique design of the lion shifts from a silver color at room temperature to a stunning, vivid blue when chilled to 8° C. (46.4° F.), when the product is at peak serving for consumers. The ‘tattoo’ – using the thermochromic inks supplied by CT - is printed on a label which adorns the bottle.

Tuaca’s introduction to the U.S. dates back to XXII, when American servicemen brought the recipe home. Since that time, Tuaca’s presence continues to grow in the market









Eurostampa North America opens a new 75,000-square-foot building in Cincinnati as part of their overall investment of nearly $9 million dollars. Eurostampa North American operates for the Americas in the business of high quality printing of premium labels for prominent brands in the market sector of wine and spirits, chocolate, food, beer, mineral water and other products.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory spoke at Eurostampa’s inaugural event on Thursday. Honored guests included Marco Nobili, Consul of Italy, from Detroit, as well as, Honorary Vice Consul Serena Scaiola, of Cleveland. There were also Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, as well as Cincinnati Economic Development Director Patrick Ewing and other city officials. "Eurostampa brings innovative technology to a region that is well equipped to support the needs of this European industry leader and joins the 250 European companies that employ over 30,000 in Greater Cincinnati," said Anne Cappel, executive director of the European-American Chamber of Commerce.

Eurostampa purchased its site from the City of Cincinnati and received a job creation tax credit and property tax abatement from the city and the Ohio Department of Development for its expansion. The company broke ground a year ago on its new printing facility, which was built by Paul Hemmer Company. Eurostampa’s intricately printed labels grace the bottles of the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits brands, including Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Kahlúa, Skyy Vodka, Campari, Martini, Maker’s Mark, Bombay etc. Its labels also wrap around jars of Nutella, bars of Lindt chocolate, and many other well-known products sold globally.

The Eurostampa’s sister company has introduced new printing technologies in its production site, such as a 12-color Gallus, which is unique in North America. In addition, it has implemented the "automatic control registration" technology for PSL Department and the Data Matrix for Wet Glue Department, further improving the quality of its services.

Eurostampa Customers, such as Campari, Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Beam Global, Ferrero, Vigo and Bacardi, attended the event and the tour within the new plant, in which some tailor made labels –specifically created by Eurostampa’s designers- have been printed and given to all participants, as a souvenir.

Gian Franco Cillario, CEO of Eurostampa North America, said: "We are investing heavily in new technology, R&D and human resources to be one of the most advanced companies in America in our line of business. Just to give you an example, in three years, we’ve spent more than $1 million on training people. Eurostampa is always looking for talented people and individuals who want to grow professionally. We remain a family company, more committed to treat clients personally. At the end of the day, we are 100 percent involved in what we do."