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The human touch – making all the difference

Reliability, fast decision-making and flexibility. Producing 50 million top quality labels every day means never leaving anything to chance. That’s why we always invest in cutting-edge technologies and above all we invest in people who are committed to the business. They know everything there is to know about the production process and get the best out of their machines. It almost becomes an extension to their life! Without a guiding mind, printing technologies would be just pieces of metal.

The result: top-quality labels for special products

From the start, we have always been true to two fundamental ideas, namely, to be better and more competitive than anyone else. We have been working in this sector for 50 years and we believe that we have succeeded. Labels produced by the Eurostampa Group are, without doubt, truly excellent thanks to continual alliance of creativity, printing technology and, above all, passion and dedication. These important factors allow us to guarantee impeccable results for PSL (self-adhesive) and Wet Glue labels, Sleeve and Cardboard boxes, using offset, flexo, screen or digital printing techniques.

The results apply to small or large quantity print runs involving a variety of raw materials, hot or cold foiling, embossing or debossing and a multitude of gloss and matt finishes. Furthermore, we can also guarantee full traceability of each label knowing its history and, therefore, ensure that quality is never compromised. All this helps to create a unique and exciting packaging.