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The quality policy

The quality policy of Eurostampa is based on a set of principles to which strategies and objectives must be addressed:

• To pursue continuous improvement;
• Ensure legislative compliance in the field of quality, safety and the environment;
• To involve stakeholders and promote transparency.

To this end, it identifies the following primary objectives for the organization's activities:

• Full satisfaction of customer needs, while respecting the expectations and rights of the other parties involved;
• Continuous improvement of the quality, environment, health and safety management system;
• The protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, involving into the process all the strategic suppliers;
• Efficiency and effectiveness in process and service management;
• The commitment to the health and safety of all those who work for and on behalf of the company;
• Full compliance with social, environmental regulations, product safety, and the safety and health of workers.

Eurostampa aims to reach them by systematically implementing:

• The quality control on the products provided;
• Staff training that influences products and processes;
• The use of instrumental resources and newer, safer, more efficient and eco-compatible technologies;
• The productivity;
• The programme of risk prevention and protection activities.

Customer needs and expectations are met through the utmost commitment to supplying excellence products and services.